Technology and Ethics: Online Marketing and Networking

We hear it daily: The Internet offers countless ways for lawyers to showcase their expertise, communicate the integral part they play in every aspect of life, and truly to connect with colleagues and potential clients. Search, social media, content publishing, open discussion forums . . . each is an opportunity to grow your reputation and … Continue reading

Step-by-Step Guide to Building Effective Mentoring Relationships

Step 1: Do not limit your potential mentor pool to successful partners and senior attorneys. There is nothing wrong with these types of mentors, but there are not enough of them to mentor everyone. Therefore, you should consider every professional relationship as a potential mentoring relationship. Lawyers and staff members at all levels can be … Continue reading

Guidelines for Small Businesses Using Social Media

Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be useful marketing tools for your business. But all it takes is a single mistake—or a negative comment from an unsatisfied customer—to hurt your business and potentially create a legal mess. Social media is real-time, spontaneous and casual, making it easy for people to think that … Continue reading

New FREE legal search system

The co-founder of the world’s first legal information website will be heading a project to improve digital access to federal legislative information. Thomas Bruce, an ABA Journal Legal Rebel, helped Cornell Law School put legal information online before the World Wide Web even existed. He is director of the school’s Legal Information Institute, a nonprofit … Continue reading

Crafting winning arguments: tips from a litigator

The sheer volume of litigation facing the courts today necessitates that lawyers provide well-prepared arguments that can be understood quickly and then confidently ruled upon by the court. Crafting complete, clear and concise written arguments is particularly vital, as more cases than ever, in both trial and appellate courts, are decided without oral argument. Litigator … Continue reading

Find the right advocate for YOU

Where to look? First good source are your friends and relatives whom they personally have used or highly recommend. Next, turn to the Internet. Look to reputable firms that have been in the news or find information of an attorney whom your favorite artist or celebrity retained. Also, there are several attorney directories you can … Continue reading

Fewer E-discovery sanctions in courts

The year just ended was an extraordinarily interesting one in the e-discovery area. Highlights included: There were increasing calls for reform of the discovery process as it relates to electronically stored information (“ESI”). Competing views of the standards that should apply to sanctions and preservation clashed in the high-profile Pension Committee, Rimkus, and Victor Stanley … Continue reading

eDiscovery Compliance in the Cloud

“Cloud Computing will be a disruptive technology that will ultimately change the face of computing,” with a market approaching $300 billion over the next five years, according to recent research from the Market Intel Group. The seemingly unstoppable migration of data to the “cloud” is undoubtedly due to numerous financial benefits, particularly for small and … Continue reading

Paralegal Ranked Better Job than a Lawyer

A paralegal job outranks lawyer in a new rating of 200 jobs by a career website. The job of paralegal assistant is in 13th place, while the job of attorney is in 82nd place on the list by The ranking is based on five criteria: physical demands, work environment, income, outlook and stress. Stenographer/court … Continue reading

Howrey MP Says Outsourcing, Electronic Discovery Spurred Downsizing

Time will tell whether Howrey’s downsizing was the right thing to do, according to the law firm’s managing partner. Howrey has lost more than 60 partners in the past year, and managing partner Robert Ruyak says it was all part of a plan to strengthen the law firm, the Lawyer reports. “We had to make … Continue reading

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