Find the right advocate for YOU

Where to look?

First good source are your friends and relatives whom they personally have used or highly recommend. Next, turn to the Internet. Look to reputable firms that have been in the news or find information of an attorney whom your favorite artist or celebrity retained. Also, there are several attorney directories you can search such as, and Another place that may not come to mind right away is LinkedIn, where you may be able to find what you need by browsing legal groups.


It is important that the attorney has a physical location. You don’t want to trust your money to someone you have never seen in person. You want to be able to meet with your attorney at a convenient and commutable location.

Is the price right?

Another important consideration is how much will the services cost and how much are you able to budget. Lawyers have different rates and skills. Some advocates only bill per hour, while others charge per service, take percentage or charge a flat fee. Some attorneys require a retainer, while others don’t.

What you really need to keep in mind is that lawyer’s rates are based on time expended on a matter, the complexity of the case, experience, skill and reputation. Many people don’t realize how valuable the service is since it’s not a tangible product that they can have in hand. Just remember that when you hire an advocate, you’re paying for the person’s time and skill to provide you with the best service and outcome. Just as when you do your job well and expect to get paid, the attorney expects to get the best possible results for you and to be paid accordingly.

Are your needs met?

Lawyers have different roles. There are those who sue people, negotiate, mediate or draft legal instruments. The attorney you’re looking for should be able to competently provide services that match your needs. Moreover, the attorney becomes part of your image and it is important that the demeanor of the lawyer is congruent with how you want to be perceived. Also, an attorney with clients in your particular genre may also have existing relationships with important people within that “world,” which will be beneficial to your career. So keep that in mind when you decide to write that check.


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