Guidelines for Small Businesses Using Social Media

Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be useful marketing tools for your business. But all it takes is a single mistake—or a negative comment from an unsatisfied customer—to hurt your business and potentially create a legal mess. Social media is real-time, spontaneous and casual, making it easy for people to think that … Continue reading

New FREE legal search system

The co-founder of the world’s first legal information website will be heading a project to improve digital access to federal legislative information. Thomas Bruce, an ABA Journal Legal Rebel, helped Cornell Law School put legal information online before the World Wide Web even existed. He is director of the school’s Legal Information Institute, a nonprofit … Continue reading

Howrey MP Says Outsourcing, Electronic Discovery Spurred Downsizing

Time will tell whether Howrey’s downsizing was the right thing to do, according to the law firm’s managing partner. Howrey has lost more than 60 partners in the past year, and managing partner Robert Ruyak says it was all part of a plan to strengthen the law firm, the Lawyer reports. “We had to make … Continue reading

PS3 jailbreak legal battle continues..

After being hit with a restraining order from Sony earlier this week for allegedly bypassing “effective technological protective measures” in PlayStation 3 firmware 3.55, iPhone hacker George Hotz, better known as “Geohot,” has decided it’s time to stand up to the tech giant. “Right now, still legally, you can go to my Web site and … Continue reading

Legal Technology: Lawsuit against Courtney Love Brings Twitter into Legal Spotlight

Lawsuit against Courtney Love Brings Twitter into Spotlight Yesterday, a girl was expelled from nursing school because of a picture she posted on Facebook (News – Alert), and today a celebrity’s tweet has spawned a controversial court trial that is sure to rock the social networking boat. Social media is certainly heating up the legal waters … Continue reading

Have no fear, Lamebook is here!

Apparently, Facebook doesn’t find Lamebook all that funny. The social networking behemoth is striking back at the popular parody site by blocking links to the site, disabling its fan page and preventing Lamebook users from “liking” posts, reports TechCrunch. The move from Facebook is just the latest volley in an escalating war that shows no signs of slowing … Continue reading

Facebook owns you?

The amount of popularity for Facebook has been steadily growing since it’s inception. However, the biggest growth occurred in 2010 and landed Mark Zuerburg as the Time’s Person of the Year. Facebook is a billion dollar company with over 500 million subscribers. Seventy percent of those subscribers are international. The information exchange on Facebook is … Continue reading

Cell phones pose serious health risks to the body

Experts point out that the FCC wireless regulations on cell phone safety are largely based on something called specific absorption rate (SAR) levels, or the rate at which our bodies absorb radiation. Most phones do comply with the federal standards, but SAR monitors only thermal effects. (In other words, if the radiation from your phone … Continue reading

Censorship Online

The Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a markup Nov. 18 on S. 3804, Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act. Remember to contact your representatives to let them know your opinion on the proposed bill. To find out who are the senators on your state and their contact information, you can visit the U.S. Senate website, … Continue reading

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